Walbro 350LPH Intank Fuel Pump - GSS352G3 with Universal Fitting Kit

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Walbro 350LPH Intank Fuel Pump - GSS352G3 with Universal Fitting Kit

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Genuine Walbro / TI Automotive 350LPH internal fuel pump (GSS352G3). Made in the USA.


This Walbro 350LPH in-tank EFI fuel pump is a steel gear (gerotor) pump that has the same form factor as the popular GSS341/342 255LPH pumps, but has a substantially higher fuel flow output.


This pump will support up to around 600hp at the wheels with forced induction applications when wired to ensure they receive a healthy 13.5-14.5V supply.


For this GSS352G3 pump, the inlet/outlet configuration is: 11mm Inlet – Inline with the Outlet

(If you require the GSS351G3, which has an 11mm Inlet that is 180 degree from the Outlet – please click here). See photo below for the difference between the GSS351 and GSS352 pumps:












Kit includes wiring connector (with flying lead wires) and a choice of two configurations of input filter/strainer:

  • 90 degree Version – The filter sits perpendicular to the pump and measures 50x50mm (approx)
  • 45 degree Version – The filter angles down on at 45 degrees to the pump and measures 40x90mm (approx)


Features and benefits:

  • Cost effective upgrade to your fuel system
  • Designed to fit inside your factory fuel pump cradle with no modifications
  • Rated to flow 350 litres per hour at 13.5V
  • Supports up to around 600hp at the wheels
  • Comes with universal fitting kit
  • Suitable for petrol/gasoline (not specified for use with ethanol blended fuels above E10 by the manufacturer)
  • Genuine Walbro / TI Automotive item. Made in USA


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