VDO Low Pressure In-Tank Lift Pump (Submersible Pre-Pump)

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VDO Low Pressure In-Tank Lift Pump (Submersible Pre-Pump)

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VDO Low Pressure In-Tank Lift Pump (Submersible Pre-Pump)


Fuel systems consisting of an external high pressure EFI fuel pump that is mounted above the fuel tank outlet level typically require a ‘lift pump’ to draw fuel out of tank and supply a consistent feed of fuel to the EFI pump. This is because most EFI pumps are extremely effective at pushing fuel, but generally quite poor at sucking fuel.


Furthermore, when using an external surge tank, a low pressure lift pump is essential to fill the surge tank.


This low pressure, high flow submersible lift pump is mounted inside the main fuel tank and can either feed fuel to a surge tank or an external high pressure fuel pump directly. It will not handle being run under any significant pressure, but for its intended application as a lift or pre pump it is ideal for many applications.


While some of our customers have successfully used this pump with ethanol blended fuels, this pump is NOT rated by VDO for use with ethanol.  Therefore if flex fuel (ethanol) support is required, we recommend using one of our ethanol rated pumps instead.



  • Flows approximately 230L/hr with 14V supply & no pressure – supports applications up to 600hp with pump fuel
  • Draws approx 3.5A which is significantly lower than most fuel pumps with similar flow rates
  • Very compact – Pump Diameter = 37mm, Pump Length without filter = 108mm
  • Outlet diameter = 9.5mm
  • Very quiet operation


As well as being suitable for many universal applications, this pump is also suitable to replace the original pre- pump used on the following EFI vehicles. Note that these vehicles also use an EFI Fuel Pump:


  • Holden Commodore VK – 3.3L 6 Cyl. EFI – 02/1984 – 01/1986
  • Holden Commodore VL – 3.0L 6 Cyl. (RB30E and RB30ET Nissan) – 02/1986 – 07/1988
  • Holden Commodore VN SS Group A – 5.0L V8 – 02/1988 – 03/1989
  • Holden Commodore VN – 3.8L V6 & 5.0L V8 – 08/1988 – 10/1991 with long range fuel tank (dual pump system)


This pump also suits the following carburettor fed vehicles:


  • In-tank pump for Standard Fuel Tank Holden Commodore VK – 5.0L V8 (Carby) 1984-1988
  • Jaguar – Various with Twin Carburettors (In-Tank Lift)
  • Mazda B2200 – 2.2L (F2) Carburettor (In-Tank Lift) – 1987-92
  • Mazda B2600 UF – 2.6L (G6) Carburettor (In-Tank Lift) – 1985-89

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