Walbro 180LPH Low Pressure External Lift Pump

Walbro 180LPH Low Pressure External Lift Pump

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Product Description

Genuine Walbro/TI Automotive 180LPH low pressure external fuel pump (part # GSL 395). Made in the USA.


The GSL 395 Walbro fuel pump is an ideal fuel pump for drawing fuel from a fuel tank and pumping it into a surge tank. It can also be used as lift pump to feed fuel to a external high pressure EFI pump directly.


Suitable for applications up to approximately 450HP when wired to ensure they receive a healthy 13.5-14.5V supply.


The Walbro GSL395 pump is physically identical to common high pressure external Walbro 255LPH pumps.


We also offer this pump with optional fittings. You can either choose 5/16″ or 3/8″ push on hose barb fittings or anodised AN-6 or AN-8 fittings as commonly used on applications with anodised fittings and braided stainless fuel lines.


This is a universal in-line low pressure lift pump which mounts outside of your fuel tank. It is capable of drawing fuel up to at least 300mm vertically above the tank outlet. However, note that higher the pump is mounted above the tank outlet, the greater the decrease in fuel flow.


These Walbro fuel pumps have become the industry standard for fuel pump upgrades on performance vehicles.


Features and benefits:

  • Cost effective upgrade to your fuel system
  • Simple to install
  • Flow rate (as tested by NZEFI) = 180 litres per hour open flow at 13.5V supply voltage with pump mounted horizontal to tank outlet.
  • Current draw less than 10A (assuming unrestricted flow)
  • Comes with mounting brackets
  • Quiet operation
  • Genuine Walbro/TI Automotive item. Made in USA
  • Suitable for gasoline fuels only.




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