NZEFI Link G4+ Stripped B Loom 2.5m

NZEFI ‘Stripped’ Link G4 / G4+ Loom B (2.5m)

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Product Description

NZEFI ‘Stripped’ Link G4 / G4+ Loom B (2.5m) – Buy what you need, not what you don’t


The Link G4+ Storm Black, Fury and Xtreme ECU’s use 2 looms, referred to as an ‘A Loom’ and a ‘B Loom’. While the added cost of these two looms is significant, typically, installations using the Fury or Xtreme ECU’s are more involved and they generally make use of nearly all of the wiring in theses two looms. In such cases, purchasing both the full A and B looms cannot really be avoided.


However, when using the G4+ Storm Black ECU in particular, both full looms are often not required. For basic 4 cylinder applications, it is possible to use the just ‘A Loom’ only. If additional inputs like closed loop knock control are required, or if the ECU is intended to be used on a 6 or 8 cylinder engine running coil-per-cylinder ignition and/or sequential injection, both the ‘A Loom’ and the ‘B Loom’ will be required.


In many cases though, the second ‘B’ loom is indeed required, but only for a handful of functions, leaving much of the loom unused. As an alternative to the full 34-wire 2.5m ‘B’ loom, NZEFI exclusively offer a ‘stripped’ B Loom in a effort to lessen the expense of the wiring loom component of this package. The stripped B loom contains the 17 most commonly used wires terminated in the ‘B’ connector. These wires include:


  • Injector drives 5, 6, 7 and 8
  • Ignition drives 5, 6, 7 and 8
  • Knock sensor inputs 1 and 2 (with shield / ground)
  • Temperature sensor input 3
  • Analogue volt channels 5 and 6
  • 1 x Sensor ground wire
  • 2 x Ground wires


These 17 wires are the same colours and to the same specification as those in the standard Link G4+ 34-wire B loom. The remaining unused locations in the connector are sealed off with blanking bungs.


If you are unsure about which looms you’ll need, please contact us.

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