Link G4 G4+ Loom B 2.5m Wiring Loom
Link G4 2.5m Loom B

Link G4 / G4+ Wiring Loom B – 2.5 metre

$228.85 incl. GST (for NZ customers)

$199.00 excluding GST (for international customers)

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Product Description

Link Part # 2LB


Loom B replacement 2.5 metre wiring loom. This loom is compatible with the following ECU’s:


  • Link G4+ Storm Black (Loom A also required) – NB: Loom B is not required for the older silver or blue G4 or G4+ Storm models
  • Link G4+ Fury (Loom A also required)
  • Link G4 Xtreme (Loom A also required)
  • Link G4+ Xtreme (Loom A also required)
  • Link G4+ Thunder (Note: Loom A and connector kits C and D may also be required)
  • Vipec V88 (Loom A also required)
  • Vipec i88 (Loom A also required)



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Weight 900 g

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