Link CAN-Lambda Controller Kit (with LSU4.9 Sensor)

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Link CAN-Lambda Controller Kit (with LSU4.9 Sensor)


Link CAN-Lambda Controller Kit – Includes LSU4.9 Wideband Sensor


This CAN-Lambda controller’s ability to measure the proportion of oxygen in exhaust gases makes it an essential tool for accurately tuning fuel mixtures. It can also be used for data logging as well as for enabling your ECU to make automatic tuning adjustments (closed-loop control) if desired.


With CAN bus being a method of digitally transmitting a signal, you can avoid the error associated with transmitting a 0-5V analogue signal from a lambda controller to a 0-5V analogue input on an ECU.  While it has become commonplace in the automotive performance industry to use Lambda controllers with a 0-5V output, it really makes no sense to do so.  Why have the controller convert its output signal from digital to analogue, then transmit the analogue signal to the receiving device (often an ECU or data logger) which then needs to convert the signal back to a digital one before its microprocessor can use it? Wouldn’t it be more sensible just to leave the signal in its inherently more accurate digital form? Of course it is.  Using this CAN-Lambda controller and a compatible CAN device (such as all Link G4+ and G4X ECUs), this is easy to achieve.


Another advantage of using CAN bus communications is that additional data can be transmitted over the network. In the case of this product it transmits the following parameters.

  • Lambda signal
  • Lambda sensor temperature signal
  • Current Lambda Status (Off, Disabled, Initialising, Diagnostics, Calibration, Heating, or Operating)
  • Lambda sensor pump current
  • Controller Power Supply Voltage
  • Lambda sensor heater voltage (average)


Additionally, this CAN-Lambda controller can receive the following parameters over CAN bus from an ECU.

  • Engine Speed – The controller will not start heating the sensor until the engine speed is above 400rpm. This is to protect the sensor from thermal shock.
  • Exhaust Pressure – This allows the CAN-Lambda controller to provide exhaust pressure compensation if required.

Note: If the expected CAN bus packet containing these two parameters is not received by the controller over CAN bus then the controller will still function fine. In this case, the controller will start heating after if has been powered for 2 seconds and no pressure compensation will be applied.


This CAN-Lambda’s LSU 4.9 sensor never requires free air calibration.


Kit Includes:

  • CAN-Lambda device
  • Bosch LSU4.9 Sensor
  • Deutsch 4-Way Connector Kit
  • O2 Bung and Plug
  • 2 Large Stickers
  • 2 Small Stickers
  • Quick Start Guide



  • Input Voltage 7.5V – 16.5 V
  • Current Consumption up to 8A (mostly due to sensor heating) – Controller itself draws approx 100mA
  • Controller Operating Temp 20 – 100 deg.C
  • Sensor Bosch LSU4.9
  • Sensing Range 0.67 – 10 lambda
  • CAN Frequency 1Mb/s (default) as well as 500kb/s, 250kb/s, or 125kb/s if required



Modular CAN / Power cables to connect a Link CAN-LAMBDA to a Link G4+ / G4X ECU


NZEFI offer a range of modular CAN cables that allow a Link CAN-LAMBDA to be connected to a Link G4+ / G4X ECU. Simply purchase the appropriate ECU to CAN cable that suits your ECU type:


NZEFI Link G4+ / G4X Plug-in ECU to CAN / Dash Cable


NZEFI Link G4+ / G4X Wire-in ECU Header Connector to CAN / Dash Cable


NZEFI Link G4+ / G4X Wire-in ECU (with Round CAN Connector) to CAN / Dash Cable


The combined length of the ECU to CAN cable, the cables on the CAN-LAMBDA unit itself and the supplied LSU4.9 sensor cable is approximately 1m. If the ECU is mounted at a distance greater than approx. 1m of the exhaust fitting for the sensor, we also have extension cables in various lengths that allow the CAN-LAMBDA to be mounted further from the ECU:


NZEFI Link G4+ / G4X CAN / Dash Extension Cable


NZEFI Link G4+ / G4X Dual Device CAN Extension Cable



See below for an overview of NZEFI Link G4+ / G4X ECU to CAN Device Cables:


NZEFI Link G4 G4 ECU to CAN Device Cables

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