NZEFI Link G4+ / G4X Dual Device CAN Extension Cable

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NZEFI Link G4+ / G4X Dual Device CAN Extension Cable

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NZEFI Link G4+ / G4X Dual Device CAN Extension Cable


This cable is used when connecting a two devices via a single CAN-bus to a Link G4+ or G4X ECU. The most common application for this cable is when a Link CAN-Lambda Controller Kit and a digital dash are to be both connected to a G4-series ECU.


It is intended to be used in conjunction with our NZEFI Link G4+ / G4X Plug-in ECU to CAN Cable , NZEFI Link G4+ / G4X Wire-in ECU Header Connector to CAN / Dash Cable or NZEFI Link G4+ / G4X Wire-in ECU (with Round CAN Connector) to CAN / Dash Cable


The long branch, which is typically used for a digital dash is available in a choice of lengths – 1m, 1.5m and 2m. The short branch is fixed at a length of approximately 100mm.


The extension cable contains two CAN wires (CAN-HI, CAN-LOW) which are a twisted pair power and ground wires for the device. 4-way Deutsch DTM connectors are terminated at each end. The female end connects to the ECU to CAN cable that continues to the ECU. The male ends connect to the devices and their female mating connectors (connector housing, terminals and wedge) can be purchased as an option.


An option for the cable to have a 120 Ohm termination resistor fitted to the end of the long branch is also available. Note that most digital dashes and many other CAN devices already have internal CAN termination resistors, so the optional resistor is seldom required here. However, one example where it’s convenient to have the resistor fitted to the extension cable is when two Link CAN-Lambda units are being used with this dual device extension cable.



  • No redundant wiring
  • CAN wiring is a twisted pair, improving reliability
  • Power and ground wiring is included
  • Uses a commonly available, sealed Deutsch connector


Overview of NZEFI Link G4+ / G4X ECU to CAN Device Cables

NZEFI Link G4 G4 ECU to CAN Device Cables


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