Bosch LSU4.9 Wide-band Oxygen (O2 / Lambda) Sensor

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Bosch LSU4.9 Wide-band Oxygen (O2 / Lambda) Sensor


Bosch LSU4.9 Wide-band Oxygen (O2 / Lambda) Sensor


This sensor can be used with all wide band controllers that support LSU 4.9 sensors. For example:


  • Link G4 Fury and Thunder ECU’s –  which have an on-board LSU4.9 wide-band controller. If you are installing a wide band oxygen sensor to your G4 Fury or Thunder, then simply purchase the sensor with matching connector and wire this into the loom going to appropriate pins at the ECU. If you require a replacement sensor only, then the option is available to purchase just the sensor.


  • Link CAN-Lambda Controllers –  these external wide-band controllers transmit a processed lambda signal to an ECU or data logger over CAN bus.  These units are sold new with a sensor, so the sensor by itself is only required if you need a replacement.


Advantages of LSU4.9 lambda sensor technology (versus LSU4.2)

  • Improved accuracy and reliability– LSU 4.9 uses pumping current as a reference, while LSU 4.2 uses a reference air cell. Over time this reference air cell becomes contaminated. This shifts sensor readings to the low side. However, LSU4.9 doesn’t use a reference air cell at all, which was the Achilles heal of the LSU4.2 sensor.  This results in longer sensor life and greater accuracy of the sensor throughout its life. All OEM’s that use Bosch sensors use LSU4.9 sensor and have done so for several years now. Furthermore, LSU4.9 has 25 lambda calibration reference points whereas the LSU4.2 sensors have only 10. This also adds to improved sensor accuracy.
  • Improved response time –  The protective tube surrounding the sensing element has been redesigned on the LSU4.9 to promote faster and more turbulent exhaust gas flow through the sensor leading to improved response.
  • Cost effectiveness – LSU4.9 technology was slow to make its way into the aftermarket industry mainly due to the sensors being considerably more expensive than the LSU4.2 sensors. However, this has changed recently and the price gap between old and new has closed to an almost negligible point.


Please note that we sell this sensor for use on aftermarket installations. Bosch’s warranty specifically excludes sensors that are used in an aftermarket application. Therefore, no warranty is offered on this product. However, we have prepared an information page to help customers to get the best life out of their wideband sensors when used with aftermarket controllers in universal applications.

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