Engine Loom Essential Connector Set – Toyota 20V 4A-GE

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Engine Loom Essential Connector Set – Toyota 20V 4A-GE


Engine Loom Essential Connector Set – Toyota 20V 4A-GE


This connector set includes the essential engine connectors required to make a new wiring harness for a Toyota 20V 4A-GE engine when using an aftermarket wire-in ECU such as a Link G4X AtomX or similar with the factory air flow meter removed (if applicable).


This connector set includes:

  • 4 x Fuel injector connectors (3 variations available – see notes below)
  • 1 x Alternator connector
  • 1 x Ignition module (igniter) connector
  • 1 x Distributor connector
  • 1 x Throttle position sensor connector
  • 1 x Ignition coil connector
  • 1 x Knock sensor connector
  • 1 x Idle control solenoid connector
  • 1 x VVT solenoid connector
  • 1 x Water temperature sensor (ECT sensor) connector


All connectors come with connector housing, terminals and seals.


As this set consists of the just the essential engine wiring connectors required for using with an aftermarket ECU, other engine wiring loom connectors such as the factory oxygen sensor connector and AFM/MAF connector are not included (AFM connector applicable to ‘silver-top’ engines only).


Note also that two main types of ignition module (igniter) were fitted to early-1990’s Toyota engines with a distributor, which both use a 5-pin connector, but have different connector keying and a not inter-changeable. While we have only encountered the igniter connector shown in the photo (with 2 side keys and a bottom key) on 20V 4AGE engines, please pay particular attention to the igniter connector when comparing the connectors supplied in this set with those required for your engine.


Injector Connector Variations:


There are 3 possible fuel injector connector types that can be supplied with your connector set. Simply select the variation at the top of this page that suits your injectors:


  • Denso high tag connector – Suits factory 20v 4A-GE side feed injectors, ID2000 injectors and more.

    Denso high tag Fuel Injector Plug
    Denso high tag Fuel Injector Plug


  • Bosch EV1 connector – suits many aftermarket injectors including Bosch 440cc, Siemens 666cc, Siemens 875ccBosch 1000cc/min injectors and more.

    Bosch EV1 Injector Plug
    Bosch EV1 Injector Plug


  • USCar (EV6) connector – Suits Bosch 550cc/min injectors, ID1000 injectors and many more.

    Delphi USCar Fuel Injector Plug
    Delphi USCar Fuel Injector Plug



Please check the shape and keying of your original connectors before purchasing!

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