Walbro 455LPH Ethanol Compatible In-Tank EFI Fuel Pump

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Walbro 455LPH Ethanol Compatible In-Tank EFI Fuel Pump

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Genuine Walbro / TI Automotive 455LPH internal fuel pump. This pump is often referred to as a Walbro 450LPH, 460LPH or 465LPH pump. Regardless of how of it is advertised or mis-advertised, there is no denying that this is one impressive little ethanol-rated in-tank EFI fuel pump. It is a high quality part made in the USA while still being exceptional value for money.


This pump is designed for high horsepower turbo applications running ethanol blended fuels (E85 etc).  It outperforms most other in-tank fuel pumps on the market. The power level supported by this pump will vary depending on the concentration of ethanol being used, but as a general rule, it is recommend for ethanol based applications making in excess of 400hp at the wheels.


Note: As this unit flows A LOT of fuel, often factory fuel lines, fuel pressure regulators and fuel pump wiring may need upgrading when using this pump due to the volume of fuel that this thing flows and the increased current draw! This pump is ideally suited to being used with our fuel pump speed controller and we can supply purchasers with flow vs PWM duty cycle data for this pump operating at various pressures (available upon request).


The Walbro fuel pump is often a simple drop-in install for many vehicles although others require minor modifications to the fuel pump cradle and/or pre filter due to the larger 50mm base.


Pump Specifications:


  • OD (large): 50mm
  • OD (small): 39mm
  • Length: 121mm
  • Current draw at 100% duty cycle: 14.6A@3Bar, 15.7A@4Bar, 16.7A@5Bar, 17.7A@6Bar
  • See table below for flow ratings vs pressure


Pressure (Bar) Manufacture Approx Rating at 13.5V (L/hr) NZEFI Measured at 14.0V (L/hr)
0 455 456
1 455 432
2 455 402
3 416 360
4 386 318
5 348 278
6 284 252



Features and benefits:

  • Cost effective upgrade to your fuel system
  • Designed to fit inside your factory fuel pump cradle with no or little modification
  • Comes with universal fitting kit
  • Suitable for speed control using high frequency pulse width modulation (PWM)
  • Compatible with ethanal fuels and MTBE based fuels
  • Genuine Walbro/TI Automotive item. Made in USA

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