Raceworks Nissan R33 RB25DET Top Feed Fuel Rail Kit (For Front Facing Plenum)

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Raceworks Nissan R33 RB25DET Top Feed Fuel Rail Kit (For Front Facing Plenum)

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Raceworks Nissan R33 RB25DET Top Feed Billet Fuel Rail Kit (For Front Facing Plenum)


This anodised billet alloy fuel rail is suitable for using on Nissan Skyline R33 RB25DET models when converting to aftermarket top feed injectors and a front facing plenum such as the popular Greddy-style intake manifolds.


The fuel rail kit is intended for using with full length top feed injectors with 14mm top o-rings and features a centre fuel return port, which allows for dual (split) fuel feed lines if required. Rail is threaded with AN-8 O.R.B. end ports with a 16.1mm bore.


Note that with some modification, it is also possible to use this fuel rail kit with a factory Nissan R33 intake manifold by shortening the two fuel rail mounts and using half length (‘stumpy’) injectors. This is required in order for the fuel rail to sit low enough to clear the plenum chamber which sits above the rail.


Fuel rail kit includes:


  • 1 x Billet aluminium fuel rail
  • 2 x AN-6 male end fittings with o-ring seal
  • 2 x AN-8 male end fittings with o-ring seal
  • 1 x AN-6 male centre fitting with o-ring seal (for fuel return line)
  • 1 x Centre port blanking plug with o-ring seal (for using with a single fuel feed line setup)
  • 2 x Fuel rail mounts with 3 different length pairs of spacers to provide rail height options for fitting 1/2, 3/4 and full length injectors
  • 6 x Intake manifold to injector adapters (25mm OD, to accept 14mm lower injector seal)

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