Nissan R33 / R34 RB25DET Top Feed Injector Kit (For Front Facing Plenum)

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Nissan R33 / R34 RB25DET Top Feed Injector Kit (For Front Facing Plenum)


Nissan Skyline R33 and R34 RB25DET Top Feed Injector Kit with Bosch EV14 1000cc/min Fuel Injectors (for using with aftermarket front facing plenum)


NZEFI has put together this Nissan Skyline R33 / R34 RB25 Top Feed Injector Kit to ensure all the components work together as they should and to take the guess work out of selecting the correct parts to carry out a top feed conversion on your R33 RB25DET or to upgrade your R34 RB25DET NEO injectors when using an aftermarket front facing plenum.


This kit is supplied with 6 x Bosch EV14 1000cc/min injectors


Buy just the injectors or add either of the following connector options to suit the injectors:


  • EV1 connectors to suit injectors in this kit – requires wiring (includes connector housing, terminals and rubber boot).
  • Custom R33 / R34 injector harness with EV1 connectors fitted – direct fit, ‘plug-and-play’ solution.


This injector kit is only compatible with aftermarket inlet manifolds (plenum) with a front facing throttle. The most popular manifold options that are fitted to RB25DET engines include the GReddy style plenums or an intake manifold based on a stock Nissan lower section (flange and intake runners).


If you are using a GReddy style plenum, simply select the ’15mm lower seal’ variation above.


If you are using an intake based on stock Nissan runners, then lower injector adapters are required. These adapters are usually supplied with aftermarket fuel rail kits and typically accept a 14mm O-ring on the bottom of the injector. Therefore, in this case, select ’14mm lower seal’.


The injectors can be configured to suit either 11mm or 14mm aftermarket fuel rails. Please select the appropriate size under the ‘top injector seal’ drop down box to suit your fuel rail.


All of the injector options supplied with this kit are full length injectors. Many aftermarket fuel rail kits position the fuel rail at the correct height to use with full length injectors and a GReddy style plenum. In other cases, the spacers that position the fuel rail above the manifold will require lengthening or shortening to suit your exact combination of components.


R33 RB25DET Injector Information:


The R33 RB25DET Nissan Skyline engines come factory with side feed, 370cc/min fuel injectors, which only support approximately 320 rwhp. When upgrading these side feed injectors, there are very few direct fit options with higher flow rates available. The most popular option are the yellow JECS 555cc/min side feed injectors. However, these injectors are fairly expensive and if 555cc/min isn’t enough for your application, there are very few larger direct fit side feed injectors available (while a 740cc/min side feed injectors option is available we do not stock or recommend these).


While the factory side feed injectors are very compact, when converting to an aftermarket inlet manifold with front facing plenum there is generally plenty of space to fit top feed injectors and fuel rail. In these cases, converting to top feed injectors will give a larger range of more modern injectors.


There are several advantages to converting to top feed, including:


  • Far greater choice of compatible injector available
  • Lower cost when compared to most aftermarket side feed injectors
  • Faster installation/removal time – allows for faster and simpler servicing of your injectors


R34 RB25DET NEO Injector Information:

In the case of R34 RB25DET NEO engines, although they are factory fitted with a top feed injector, they are shorter in the length than the standard length injector options that are supplied with this kit and also have different electrical connectors. Therefore, this injector kit is only suitable for R34 RB25DET NEO engines that have an aftermarket front facing plenum fitting as mentioned above. If your aftermarket plenum still uses the factory Nissan flange, intake runners and fuel rail then we have another R34 RB25DET Neo specific injector kit available.


Note that ECU retuning will be required after the injectors in this kit have been fitted

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