Link G4 Upgrade for your LEMG3 or LinkPlus G3

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Link G4 Upgrade for your LEMG3 or LinkPlus G3

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Link G4 Upgrade for your LEMG3 or LinkPlus G3


If you have a Link G3 ECU, it can be given a new lease of life by upgrading the firmware to the later G4 version.


The Link Engine Management G3 (LEMG3) was released in late 2006 with the LinkPlus G3 arriving early in 2007. As you would expect, lots of progress has made since that time and there is a big difference in terms of features and bug fixes between a G3 running an early firmware version compared to a G4 running later and improved firmware.


Advantages of having the latest G4 firmware include:


  • Compatible with the much improved G4 tuning software
  • Closed loop boost control
  • On-board data logging
  • Quick tune using a wideband O2
  • More configurable inputs and outputs
  • More configurable 2D & 3D tables
  • Countless bug fixes
  • Too many more features to list!

Luckily, the firmware (the program running inside the ECUs processor) on all G3 and G4 ECUs can be upgraded. So there is no need to be running obsolete out of date firmware on a G3.


FREE TIP #1- If you have a Link G2 or G3 that has a firmware version older than 1.9.2 (the last G3 version) than you can upgrade to 1.9.2 by yourself free of charge. This will bring your ECU up to September 2008 G3 specifications.


However, if you want to upgrade a G3 to the much improved G4 firmware then there is a small upgrade fee to pay. That is what this listing is for. Conveniently, the G4 upgrade can be done without sending the ECU to us. If you complete an order for this product and supply us with your ECU serial number then we will email you an upgrade code which will allow you to complete a G4 firmware update on your G3.


Ordering Instructions:


  1. Add the ‘Link G4 Upgrade for your LEMG3 or LinkPlus G3’ to the cart
  2. Proceed to checkout
  3. Enter billing details
  4. Under ‘additional information – order notes’, please provide the serial number from your Link G3 ECU
  5. Proceed with payment
  6. We will then email you the upgrade code within 48 hours of payment confirmation

FREE TIP #2 – If you already have a Link G4 you can upgrade the latest G4 firmware version yourself for free.


Note that as the existing settings and tune from the G3 firmware are NOT automatically transferred after the update, configuration of all settings and tuning will be required. While the map can also be manually converted over to G4, we still strongly recommend that the settings and tune are carefully checked after doing so.


If you run into any trouble doing the upgrade, or you aren’t comfortable doing your firmware update yourself, then don’t worry. Just send us your ECU and we will do it for you for an additional $40 plus freight both ways.

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