Link G4X MonsoonX ECU

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Link G4X MonsoonX ECU



Link Part # G4XM (SKU: 127-4000)


The Link G4X MonsoonX ECU is the latest version of Link’s ‘Monsoon’ ECU. The G4X range of engine management systems builds upon the previous G4 ECUs by featuring an all new micro-processor, an upgraded communications chip and expanded data logging. These improvements allow for a more responsive and accurate tune, much faster download speeds and far greater internal data logging capacity.


The Link G4X range of engine management systems are already well known for delivering class-leading performance without sacrificing factory levels of drivability.


G4X has 512 megabytes of logging at 32bit using up to 250 channels, each limited to up to 1kHz per channel (by the Operating System), with a maximum of 100kHz. The inputs and outputs have also been enhanced with the frequency range expanded and unified across all the pins, meaning the new ECUs can send and receive even more complex data at a much faster rate.


The MonsoonX sits between the entry level AtomX and the StormX in the Link G4X wire in ECU range.  It is targeted for 4 cylinder engines requiring a few more inputs and outputs than the AtomX provides, but not needing to the number of inputs/outputs found in the larger ECUs like the StormX, Xtreme, Fury or Thunder.  Unlike the AtomX, the MonsoonX can also control continuously variable camshafts and has features such as closed-loop boost control, anti-lag and launch control.


With 4 injector drives & 4 ignition drives, this Link G4X MonsoonX ECU can run sequential injection and direct spark on a 4 cylinder engine. It can also run up to 12 cylinders using group-fire injection and a distributor or wasted spark (up to 8 cyl) ignition. The Link G4X MonsoonX has the following inputs and outputs:


  • 4 Injector Drives
  • 4 Ignition Drives (unused ignition drives can be configured as auxiliary outputs)
  • 6 Auxiliary Outputs (Fan, Boost control, idle speed control, etc.)
  • 1 Dedicated Analog Input (Internal 7Bar MAP sensor)
  • 4 User-configurable Analog Inputs (Oil pressure, wide-band O2, fuel pressure, boost adjust knob, etc.)
  • 2 User-configurable Temperature Inputs
  • 4 User-configurable Digital Inputs
  • 2 Dedicated trigger inputs
  • 1 CAN bus


This is enough for many applications, but if you require more inputs and outputs, a knock sensor input, electronic throttle control, or a built in wide-band controller then one of the higher end Link G4+ /G4X wire-in ECUs should be considered.


G4X ECUs do not require the use of an air flow meter. The engine can be converted to speed density using a MAP and intake air temperature (IAT) sensor (both available separately). The G4X MonsoonX has an in-built 7 Bar MAP sensor which can be used by running a vacuum line from the intake manifold to the ECU. Alternatively, for the fastest possible response, an external MAP sensor can be used and wired to one of the user-configurable analog inputs.


The Link G4X MonsoonX comes with a non-engine-specific base map. The ECU will need to be configured for the engine type and then tuned via the free software application PCLink.


The Link G4X MonsoonX comes with a USB tuning cable. In most cases the MonsoonX can use all of the factory sensors except MAP and IAT.


A Loom kit must be purchased. Available in 400mm, 2.5m, 5m (NB: The G4X Monsoon uses the Link ‘A’ loom). The 2.5m and 5m loom options are available as Link or NZEFI branded looms. More information on the NZEFI looms can be found here.

Once the installation is complete, the G4X MonsoonX allows a good tuner to achieve an optimal state of tune to get the most out of any combination of modifications.


Overall Dimensions:


Length = 131mm
Width = 90mm
Height = 47mm

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