Inlet Air Temperature Sensor 1/8 BSP

Inlet Air Temperature Sensor

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Air temperature greatly effects an engines optimal ignition timing as well as the required fuel injection duration on an engine being controlled based on speed density calculations (i.e. no mass air flow meter). Most aftermarket engine management systems operate based on speed density principals and for these systems, accurate air temperature measurement is very important.  In these cases the Inlet Air Temperature (IAT) sensor should be mounted just before the throttle to best measure the temperature of the air actually being ingested by the engine.  This creates some challenges for forced-induction (turbocharged and supercharged) engines as this temperature rises and falls very quickly. In order to track the fast changing air temperatures, a fast-response Inlet Air Temperature sensor is required.


To meet these requirements, we offer a fast-response Inlet Air Temperature sensor which is suitable for both naturally-aspirated and forced-induction engines.




  • 1/8″ NPT thread – Either drill and tap your own hole or use the supplied alloy weld-on boss
  • Deutsch DTM 2-way connector – High quality sealed connection with plug housing and terminals included
  • Uses the same resistance vs. temperature calibration curve as most Delphi IAT sensors that were fitted to General Motors engines – Can be used with any ECU that can accept this calibration (Link, Vipec, Motec, Haltech, HKS F-Con, etc)


Note: Not recommended for applications where the IAT may reach 120 degrees or more. In practice all this only applies to forced induction engines being run without an intercooler.

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