Engine Loom Essential Connector Set – Nissan Skyline R32

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Engine Loom Essential Connector Set – Nissan Skyline R32


Engine Wiring Loom Essential Connector Set – Nissan Skyline R32


This connector set includes the essential engine connectors required to make a new wiring harness for your twin cam Nissan Skyline R32 using when using an aftermarket wire-in ECU such as a Link G4X StormX or similar with the factory air flow meter removed.


Suitable for R32 Skyline models with factory RB20DE(T), RB25DE( T) and RB26DETT engines, this connector set includes:


  • 6 x Fuel injector connectors (4 variations available – see notes below)
  • 6 x Ignition coil connectors
  • 1 x Coil sub-harness power connector (coil sub-harness side)
  • 1 x Coil sub-harness power connector (engine harness side)
  • 1 x Ignition module (igniter) input connector
  • 1 x Ignition module (igniter) output connector
  • 1 x Cam angle sensor connector
  • 1 x Throttle position sensor connector
  • 1 x Water temperature sensor connector
  • 1 x Idle speed control solenoid connector
  • 1 x Alternator connector
  • 2 x Knock sensor connectors


All connectors come with connector housing, terminals and seals.


As this set consists of the just the essential engine wiring connectors required for using with an aftermarket ECU, in some instances, other connectors such as the factory oxygen sensor connector may also be required. Please refer to our individual Nissan vehicle specific connectors page for any other extra additions you may require.


Furthermore, if you plan to make a new wiring loom using a factory Nissan ECU or an aftermarket ECU that retains the factory air flow meter such as an Apexi Power FC, then several other connectors will also be required in addition to this set e.g. AFM connector, auxiliary air valve connector, narrow-band oxygen sensor connector(s) etc. Again, these are typically all available individually.


Injector Connector Variations:


There are 4 possible fuel injector connector types that can be supplied with your connector set. Simply select the variation at the top of this page that suits your injectors:


  • Factory RB20DE(T)/RB25DE high impedance injector connector with offset keyway

    Nissan Injector Plug RB20 VG30
    Nissan Injector Plug Early RB20


  • Bosch EV1 connector – suits factory low impedance yellow RB26 injectors as well as many aftermarket injectors including the injectors supplied with the NZEFI 440cc, 666cc, 875cc and Bosch 1000cc/min Nissan RB direct fit injector kits.

    Bosch EV1 Injector Plug
    Bosch EV1 Injector Plug


  • USCar (EV6) connector – Suits Bosch 550cc/min injectors, ID1000 injectors and many more.

    USCar EV6 Injector Connector
    USCar EV6 Injector Connector


  • Denso high tag connector – Suits ID2000 injectors and more.

    Denso high tag Fuel Injector Plug
    Denso high tag Fuel Injector Plug



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