Nissan R35 GTR Mass Air Flow Meter Upgrade Kit for RB & SR Engines

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Nissan R35 GTR Mass Air Flow Meter Upgrade Kit for RB & SR Engines

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Z32 AFMs are history – or if not they should be.  Mass Air Flow (MAF) Meter technology has moved on since the late 80s and in this day and age there is no need to stick with the old school designs used on the Z32, RB20, RB25, RB26, or SR20s.  The newer card-type MAF sensor as used on the R35 GTR, 350Z, 370Z, and most other late model Nissans is far less susceptible to reversion and and disturbance around the air filter inlet allowing for a less compromised and stable tune.


Luckily, almost all older Nissan factory ECUs can be retuned to use the latest Nissan MAF sensors. What’s more, is the new card type MAF sensors can be fitted directly into your air inlet pipe connected to the air filter, so you can get away from having an ugly old black plastic MAF sensor messing up your engine bay.  We supply an alloy weld on boss to allow the MAF sensor to be fitted into an alloy tube of your choice.


The air flow vs voltage calibration of the MAF sensor will be dictated by the size of the alloy tube the sensor is fitted into. A smaller tube will give more resolution, however the MAF sensor will reach its maximum output of 5V at with lower mass air flow thereby limiting the maximum safe power level (you don’t want to ever be reaching 5V on the MAF sensor or the resulting tune will be compromised). A larger tube will give less tuning resolution, however this typically isn’t a problem as most Nissan ECUs have 10-bit analog to digital converters allowing the ECU to distinguish between AFM voltages with differences as small as 0.0049V.


We have tested this genuine OEM sensor with various tube sizes.  As a general rule, with this sensor a typical 3″ alloy tube (with internal diameter of 72.5mm) will support up to 350hp and 3.5″ alloy tube (with internal internal diameter of 85mm) will support up to 500hp. We’ve tested 4″ alloy tubes to over 600hp. The calibration for this sensor in 3″, 3.5″ and 4″ intake pipe diameters are available within the Nistune software and are easily selected from a drop-down menu.


Connector and wiring harness options:


This air flow meter kit is available with either a 6-pin connector kit as pictured (includes connector housing, terminals), or one of the following ‘plug and play’ adapter harnesses:


  1. Plug-in adapter harness to suit Nissan Skyline R32 RB20DE(T)/RB25DE, R33 Series 1 RB25DET and R32-34 RB26DETT GTR models.
  2. Plug-in adapter harness to suit Nissan Skyline R33 Series 2 RB25DET and R34 RB25DET NEO models.


Weld-on Boss Options:


This air flow meter kit is available with an aluminium weld-on boss with a height and back radius to suit either a 3″ (76mm) intake pipe, or a 4″ (102mm) intake pipe.


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