Walbro 335 LPH E85 Compatible Low-pressure In-tank Lift Pump

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Walbro 335 LPH E85 Compatible Low-pressure In-tank Lift Pump

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Walbro / TI Automotive 335 LPH E85 Compatible Low-pressure In-tank Lift Pump with Fitting Kit


Unlike a regular Walbro 255 LPH pump (i.e. GSS341/GSS342) steel gear pump, this Walbro 335 LPH in-tank fuel pump is a turbine pump that is also ethanol compatible.


While conventional gear pumps work well pumping fuel at approximately 3-6 Bar as found in typical EFI systems, they are not designed for use as low pressure lift pumps and they tend to run well above their intended operating speed when they are not building up substantial pressure ahead of them.


However, turbine pumps such as this one operate comfortably over a wide pressure range and are more suitable for use as a low pressure lift pump to ‘lift’ fuel from inside a main fuel tank and feed a surge tank or an external EFI fuel pump.  They are also suitable for fuel pump speed control using a suitable controller with high frequency pulse width modulation (PDM) if required.


When used as a lift pump only, this pump can support up to 1000hp applications with gasoline when wired to ensure it receives a healthy 13.5-14.5V supply.  To reduce the pump flow when the engine’s power demands are lower, fuel pump speed control is recommended.


Pump Specifications:

  • OD: 36mm
  • Length: 116mm
  • No internal check valve (not recommended as a main EFI high pressure pump)
  • See tables below for current draw and flow ratings


Current and flow without speed control – 14V supply voltage

Pressure (Bar) Current (A) Flow (L/hr)
0 9.3 335
1 9.5 300


Current and Flow with 20kHz PWM Speed Control – 14V Supply voltage &  zero pressure

Duty Cycle (%) Current (A) Flow (L/hr)
100 9.3 335
90 7.4 306
80 5.6 277
70 4.3 252
60 3.1 225
50 2.1 190
40 1.4 145
30 0.9 110



Features and benefits:

  • Quiet operation
  • Includes fitting kit (as pictured)
  • Cost effective upgrade to your fuel system
  • Compact design allows fitment inside your factory fuel pump cradle with no or little modification
  • Suitable for speed control using high frequency pulse width modulation (PWM)
  • Compatible with ethanol fuels and MTBE based fuels
  • Genuine Walbro/TI item. Made in USA

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