Throttle Position Sensor - Universal (Clockwise, Counter-clockwise)

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Throttle Position Sensor - Universal (Clockwise, Counter-clockwise)


Throttle Position Sensor – Universal (Clockwise, Counter-clockwise)


This universal throttle position sensor is reversible, meaning it can be mounted to a throttle body in such a way that the throttle shaft can be inserted into the front or the back of the sensor. The allows for use on throttle bodies with either a clockwise or a counter-clockwise rotation.


The TPS will adapt to a “D” shaped throttle shaft and is compatible with Link G4+/G4X ECU’s as well as most other aftermarket brands.


This sensor has an internal return spring.


Sensor kit includes:


  • 1 x Universal throttle position sensor with approximately 100mm wiring to a Deutsch DTM3 connector
  • 1 x Mating side Deutsch DTM3 connector. Available with either ‘barrel’ (as pictured) or ‘open (F-crimp)’ terminals.




  • Drive = 8mm “D” shaft
  • Electrical Measuring Range = 112º (as measured by NZEFI)
  • Mounting hole spacing = 33mm


Wire Colours:


  • Red =  5V Supply
  • Green = Output Signal
  • Black = Ground


Due to the wiring of this sensor being in the form of leads, we recommend ensuring that the wiring / loom coming from the sensor is well supported (i.e strain relieved).


For wiring information and dimensions, please also refer to our specification sheet.

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