Straight Firewall Grommet for 62mm Hole

Straight Firewall / Bulkhead Wiring Loom Rubber Grommet

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Product Description

Straight Firewall / Bulkhead Wiring Loom Rubber Grommet – For 60-62mm hole


This straight rubber wiring grommet is an ideal size and shape for neatly supporting most custom engine wiring looms through the firewall.


The grommet is designed for a 60-62mm hole in the firewall, which is large enough to allow common 26-way and 34-way Link/Haltech/MoTec ECU header connectors to be pulled through the hole without needing to remove connector housings first. This means an entire engine loom can be installed and removed from the car with relative ease.


The hole for the wiring loom in the grommet is 16mm, however being made of rubber, this can be stretched out to at least 20mm for larger diameter looms.



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Weight 150 g

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