Serial Link G1 Tuning Interface

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Serial Link G1 Tuning Interface

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Looking to tune an older Link G1 based ECU?   If so, first you will need to check that your G1 is laptop programmable and secondly you will need to purchase a Serial Link interface.


Step 1 – Confirm you ECU is laptop tunable: Remove the lid from your Link G1 based ECU and inspect the code written on the label stuck to the top of the microprocessor (the big square chip pushed into a socket). If your code is one of the following then you are in luck:


  • LEMG1 wire in (green and white box)- B42V4, D42V4, D42V5, D42V5a/b/c/d/e/f
  • LinkPlus G1 wire in (green and white box) – LPV8-LPV14
  • GTSLink (R32-33 Skyline plug-in) – GTS Q/R/S/T
  • PossumLink (WRX plug-in) – codes ending in Q or R
  • EVOLink (EVO plug-in) – Sorry EVOLink G1s were never PC tunable and they cannot be upgraded
  • CivicLink/IntegraLink (Honda OBD1/OBD2a/OBD2b plug-in) – all Honda G1 plug-in ECUs are laptop tunable


If your Link G1 processor code is not on this list then your current ECU probably isn’t laptop tunable.


It is important to understand that even if you upgrade to the latest PC tunable G1 processor code, you will still have a G1 ECU. The G1 platform is very dated when compared to the Link G4/G4+/G4X based ECUs, so this might be a good time to consider changing the entire ECU to a newer one.


Step 2 –  Buy a SerialLink. The SerialLink is designed to connect between the 14 pin ribbon cable connector on a Link G1 based engine management system and a 9-pin serial port on a laptop computer.


Note that most modern laptops no longer have a serial port. If your laptop doesn’t have a serial port then you will also need to buy a USB to Serial Converter in addition to the SerialLink. One of these can be purchased cheaply from your local computer store.


Step 3 – The tuning software can then be downloaded for free from the Link Engine Management website (  Download PCLink V2.5 and connect!  Now you’re ready to start tuning.

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