OMNI 4 Bar MAP Sensor with Connector
OMNI 4 Bar MAP Sensor with Connector

4 Bar MAP Sensor – OMNI – Universal

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Product Description

OMNI Power 4.0 Bar MAP Sensor with Connector


This OMNI Power MAP sensor reads up to 4 Bar absolute pressure. This means that it is suitable for turbo or supercharged applications running up to 3.0 Bar (or 44psi) of boost pressure.


  • Includes 3-pin connector kit
  • The MAP sensor is easy to mount and features a downward facing electrical connector and vacuum port. This reduces the chance of water getting into the sensor. Note that the sensor should be mounted higher than the intake manifold port that the hose connects to.
  • Mechanical connection via 3/16″ hose connector nipple
  • Using Link G4/G4+ ECU’s just select the MAP sensor type as ‘4 Bar’ or the actual calibration points are 20kPa (absolute) = 0.2V, 400kPa (absolute)= 4.8V
  • The reduced resolution of a 4 Bar MAP sensor (over lower pressure models) is not an issue on modern high-quality ECUs that use analog-to-digital conversion with 10bit (or higher) resolution.


Wire numbers 1-3 are marked on the rear of the supplied connector. With respect to these markings, the wiring pinout for this sensor is as follows:


Pin 1 = Sensor ground

Pin 2 = MAP Signal

Pin 3 = +5V supply to sensor


Note: We always recommend entering metric calibrations (pressure in kPa) into Link ECU’s which is required when transmitting data over CAN bus to external devices (dashes etc.). Even when entering sensor data into the ECU with metric units, data can still be displayed in PCLink either in metric or imperial as desired by the user (using the ‘U’ hot-key in PCLink). Likewise most dashes can be set up to display a range of units even if they are receiving data over CAN in metric units.

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