NZEFI Link G4+ / G4X Waterproof Mini-USB to Wire-in ECU Tuning Cable

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NZEFI Link G4+ / G4X Waterproof Mini-USB to Wire-in ECU Tuning Cable

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NZEFI Link G4+ / G4X Waterproof Mini-USB to Wire-in ECU Tuning Cable – Wire-in ECU to Dashboard / Panel Mount Cable


The frequency that a tuner or driver needs to connect to their Link ECU with a PC can vary greatly. While this can be quite seldom in some cases, in other cases, particularly in motorsport applications, a PC needs to be connected to the ECU regularly in order to review data logs and make adjustments to settings as required. Rather than connecting Link’s standard USB-tuning cable directly to the ECU (which are often hidden and difficult to access), it is usually desirable to have an easily accessible connector around the dashboard area to plug a tuning cable into.


Therefore, NZEFI G4+ / G4X tuning cables provide a convenient and reliable solution for those wishing to have a permanent panel mount tuning port mounted in or around a dashboard without having to access the ECU each time. Furthermore, the panel mount connector is waterproof making it also suitable for open-top cars, off-roaders, motorcycles and boats.


The 5-pin round end of this cable connects to any Link G4 / G4+ / G4X wire-in ECU (with the exception of the G4+ Atom, G4X AtomX, G4+ Monsoon and G4X MonsoonX) and the female mini-USB end screws to a suitable panel around the dashboard area with a 16mm mounting hole.


This wire-in ECU to mini-USB tuning cable is to be used in conjunction with either a commonly available standard mini-USB to USB-A cable (if waterproofing is not a concern) or the NZEFI Link G4 / G4 Waterproof Mini-USB Tuning Cable (Panel mount connector to PC).


Includes screw-on plastic cap on a plastic chain for covering the mini-USB connector when the PC tuning cable is not being used.


Cable Length = 2m


Recommended Panel Cut-out:



ECU Compatibility:

  • Link G4 Atom (not G4+ Atom, G4+ Atom II)
  • Link G4 Lightning
  • Link G4 RX
  • Link G4 Storm
  • Link G4 Xtreme (Silver and Red version)
  • Link G4+ Storm (Blue and Black version)
  • Link G4+ Fury
  • Link G4+ Xtreme (Red and Black version)
  • Link G4+ Thunder
  • Link G4X StormX
  • Link G4X FuryX
  • Link G4X XtremeX
  • Vi-PEC V44
  • Vi-PEC V88
  • Vi-PEC i44
  • Vi-PEC i88

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