Nissan Side Feed Fuel Injector Service Kit – 6 Cyl (RB25)

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Nissan Side Feed Fuel Injector Service Kit – 6 Cyl (RB25)


Nissan Side Feed Fuel Injector Service Kit – 6 Cyl (RB25)


Fuel Injector Rebuild Kit to suit factory Nissan R33 RB25DET side feed fuel injectors (manufactured by JECS).


This kit includes:

  • 6 x Upper O-ring seals
  • 6 x Filters (either ‘high’ or ‘low’ filter versions available – See notes below)
  • 6 x Lower seals
  • 6 x Pintle caps


Fitting fuel injectors with old hardened and damaged seals can lead to dangerous fuel leaks. Give your R33 RB25DET injectors a freshen up with this injector service kit!


There are two types of side feed fuel injector used by Nissan on the RB25DET engines. These two types are interchangeable but have a slightly different shape around the body of the injector, most noticeable by the shape of the filter cage. One of the filters sits higher on the injector than the other. We therefore stock a version of this service kit with the ‘high’ filter and the ‘low’ filter. Please refer to the image below to determine which version matches the injectors fitted to your vehicle.

Nissan Side Feed Fuel Injector Low and High Filter Version

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