Nissan S14 / S15 Top Feed Injector Conversion Kit with Bosch 1000cc/min Injectors

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Nissan S14 / S15 Top Feed Injector Conversion Kit with Bosch 1000cc/min Injectors


Nissan S14 / S15 Silvia Top Feed Fuel Injector Conversion Package with Bosch 1000cc/min Injectors


Direct fit with with stock intake manifold. Allows factory intake manifold / plenum to be retained!


The factory S15 Silvia SR20DET engines came with 440cc/min side feed injectors which support up to around 300whp. Earlier S14 SR20DET models were fitted with smaller 370cc/min injectors that only support up to around 250whp. When upgrading these side feed injectors, there are very few direct fit options with higher flow rates available. The most popular option is the yellow JECS 555cc/min side feed injectors. However, these injectors are fairly expensive and if 555cc/min isn’t enough for your application, there are very few larger direct fit side feed injectors available that have good low pulse-width characteristics.


Converting to later top feed fuel injectors allows one to take advantage of the technological improvements that have been made with fuel injectors in recent years. Generally speaking, side feed fuel injector technology appeared and stayed stuck in the 1990’s! In contrast, the Bosch EV14 1000cc/min injectors that are supplied with this package are far superior to any of the larger side feed injectors that are readily available due to their exceptional spray pattern and low pulse width characteristics.


However, when converting an S14 or S15 SR20DET engine to top feed injectors, the very limited space under the factory intake plenum poses some serious challenges. Fortunately, this rather clever injector and fuel rail package allows you to convert your S14 or S15 SR20DET injectors to top feed without having to fit a spacer between the two intake manifold halves, or having to modify the idle speed control solenoid and its plumbing.


Package includes:


  • 4 x Bosch EV14 1000cc/min top feed fuel injectors with custom manifold adapters
  • Billet aluminium fuel rail with mounting hardware
  • 4 x EV1 fuel injector connectors (OPTIONAL)



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