Nissan CA18 VG30 Fast Idle Control Valve and Idle Air Regulator Connector

Nissan 2-pin Fast Idle and Idle Air Regulator Connector – SR20 / CA18 / VG30

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Product Description

OEM Nissan 2-pin fast idle control device (FICD) and idle air regulator connector.


Fits the fast idle control device (FICD) and idle air regulator on many Nissan engines including early SR20, CA18, VG30, KA24 etc.


The idle air regulator increases the idle when the engine is cold. It receives a constant voltage and has a valve actuated by a bi-metal spring that is open when cold and closed when hot. The fast idle control device (FICD) also receives a constant voltage when on and compensates for the drop in RPM when the air conditioning compressor is on.


NOT to be confused with the idle air control valve (IAC valve) which receives a pulse width modulated (PWM) signal from the ECU and finely controls idle speed. The IAC valve accepts a different connector to this one.


Connector comes with connector housing, terminals and seals.


Please check your original connector’s shape and keying before purchasing!

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Weight 20 g

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