MoTec CDL3 Track Logging Kit

MoTec CDL3 Track Logging Kit

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Product Description

MoTec Club Dash Logger 3 (CDL3) Track Logging Kit


The Motec CDL3 Track Logging Kit features the tried and true Motec Clubman Dash/Logger 3 (CDL3) along with basic wiring and all the essential extras required to get up and running quickly and easily with both lap timing and data logging.  While the CDL3 is based on Motec’s older monochome display (the latest Motec dashes are all colour) and has a reduced feature set to suit entry-level motorsport requirements, it still is a highly configurable and very capable product.


The CDL3 does most of the same things that many competing dashes do, but if you are serious about data logging then it is hard to look past Motec. Even Motec’s entry-level CDL3 shines in a several ways compared to the competition. For a start, the flexibility of of the alarms is way ahead of most rivals. Secondly, with ethernet based communications the download speed for logged data is way ahead of everything else we’ve used. To top it off, Motec’s i2 software for analysing logged data is second to none and both i2 and the dash configuration software are incredibly intuitive to use.


The CDL3 Track Logging Kit includes the following:


  • CDL3 Dash/Logger with backlighting – 8MB of logging memory and inputs/outputs enabled. Can log for over three hours with 20 parameters at standard logging rates.  Parameters can be logged at up to 500 times per second (500Hz) and up to 300 different parameters can be logged.
  • Professionally wired and fully-terminated basic wiring loom with each connector labelled to avoid confusion.
  • Pre-wired 10Hz GPS Module – used for lap timing, track positioning, speed (if required), etc.
  • Two pre-wired Buttons – typically used for selecting the next display page and acknowledging alarms or warnings.
  • SLM-C Multi-colour shift light module
  • Ethernet Cable – used for configuring the CDL3 as well as ultra-fast downloading of logged data.


Sensors can be wired directly into the CDL3 making it possible to use these in stand-alone installations without an ECU. However, typically with the CDL3 would be connected via CAN bus to an ECU and/or other decides.  A large pre-configured library of CAN templates makes it simple to connect to a range of ECUs from Motec, Link, Vipec, Haltech, etc.


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