Link G4+ / G4X XS Loom for plug in ECUs

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Link G4+ / G4X XS Loom for plug in ECUs


Link Part # XSL


The Link G4 range of plug-in ECU’s offer simple cost-effective installation, however the limitations imposed by the factory wiring loom can sometimes be restrictive. For example, what do you do if you want to add sensors that didn’t exist originally?


This problem is solved with the Link XS Loom. The XS Loom plugs straight into the expansion connector on all Link G4, G4+ and G4X plug-in ECUs. This allows extra inputs to be wired into ECU to add features that wouldn’t otherwise be possible. Typical applications include:


  • Inlet Air Temperature sensor
  • Boost adjustment knob or switch for in-cabin adjustable boost
  • Clutch switch for flat shifting
  • Dual map switch (two completely different tunes available at the flick of a switch)
  • Wide-band air fuel ratio
  • Oil Pressure
  • Fuel Pressure
  • and more…..


The number of extra inputs and outputs added by the XS Loom is dependent on the ECU. Most G4X plug-in ECU’s have two expansion connectors, so may require two XS  Looms. For application specific details please check out vehicle-specific plug-in ECUs.


The XS Loom is approximately 2.5m long and uses 0.5mm²  (20AWG) gauge wire.


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