Four Channel Igniter Module with CNC-Machined Heat Sink

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Four Channel Igniter Module with CNC-Machined Heat Sink

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4 Channel Ignition Module (also referred to as an igniter or ignitor) with CNC machined alloy heat Sink and connector kit consisting of a 5-pin and a 4-pin connector.


Made in Germany by a respected OEM manufacturer.


This four channel igniter is suitable for electronic ignition applications using coil-per-plug on 4 cylinder engines or wasted spark on 8 cylinder engines.


This igniter can be used with all aftermarket ECU’s that have ignition dwell control and a falling edge trigger. This includes aftermarket ECU brands such Link, Vi-PEC, Haltech, MoTeC and many more.


Furthermore, this igniter can also be used with some factory ECUs that use coil-per-plug with 4 cylinder engines. In general most ECUs that don’t require any feedback from the igniter module and use a falling edge trigger will work with this part.


Igniter comes mounted to a CNC machined heat sink with heat transfer paste. The heat sink also doubles as a mounting bracket and is silver anodised for maximum corrosion resistance.

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