Ford Falcon FG XR6 Turbo 1000cc/min Direct Fit Fuel Injector Kit

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Ford Falcon FG XR6 Turbo 1000cc/min Direct Fit Fuel Injector Kit



This item is for a set of six brand new Bosch 1000cc/min fuel injectors to suit Ford Falcon FG XR6 Turbo, G6E Turbo and F6-310 models.


We sell this Ev14 1000cc/min fuel injector in its unmodified form as it comes from Bosch. Each injector is tested and graded into batches prior to sale. We always sell these to our customers as a matched set. These injectors are specifically designed by Bosch to be flex fuel (ethanol) compatible and also have an exceptional spray pattern and low pulse width characteristics.


This injector is not a lower flowing Bosch EV14 series injector that has been de-capped to increase the flow rate at the expense of the spray pattern.  Such injectors which are commonly sold and used in the automotive performance industry, so please be aware that not all injectors being sold as Bosch EV14 1000cc/min injectors are the same.

Supplied 14mm top and bottom o-ring seals, these injectors are a drop-in replacement for all FG XR6 Turbo, G6E Turbo and F6 models. Also features a Bosch Minitimer EV1 electrical connection meaning that no injector plug changes are needed.


These Bosch 1000cc injectors are recommended for big-power applications and will support up to around 900 hp at the flywheel on pump fuel.


Despite their massive 1000cc/min flow rate, these injectors have excellent characteristics at idle and low loads.


Note that while these injectors are physically a direct fit, ECU retuning will be required






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