Ethanol Content Sensor (Flex Fuel Sensor)

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Ethanol Content Sensor (Flex Fuel Sensor)

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Latest generation sensor with improved accuracy and compact size now shipping!


This Ethanol Content Sensor measures the ratio of ethanol to petrol in a flex fuel vehicle. In order to adjust the ignition timing, fueling and boost levels, the engine management system requires information about the percentage of ethanol in the fuel.


The sensor is fitted to the vehicle’s fuel return line anywhere between the fuel pressure regulator and the fuel tank.


A digital output signal is produced by this sensor, which can then be used by an aftermarket ECU (with appropriate flex fuel functionality) to determine both the ethanol content and the fuel temperature using just a single digital input on the ECU.



Using this information, the ECU can make necessary changes to the engine’s tune  (ignition timing, fueling, boost pressure etc.) Even on applications where only one ethanol/petrol ratio is ever used, this sensor can still be very useful for monitoring and data logging purposes.


ECU’s such as Link G4+ / G4X wire-in and plug-in, Vi-Pec  i44 / i88 plus plug-in models, Haltech Platinum Sport and Pro plus many more are compatible with this sensor.


3-Pin electrical connector included. Electrical connection consists of 12V, ground and signal wire.


The pinout is indicated on the sensor itself (from left to right looking into connector on sensor) as :

1.) Vcc ( 12V supply)

2.) GND (ground)

3.) Vout (digital signal out)


Available with either AN-6, AN-8, 5/16″ Barb or 3/8″ Barb Push-Lok fittings at no extra charge.

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