EGT Module with Harness - 8 Channel, CAN-based output

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EGT Module with Harness - 8 Channel, CAN-based output

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EGT Module with Harness – 8 Channel, CAN-based output and supplied with Link G4+ / G4X Setup Information


This 8 channel thermocouple amplifier is designed for k-type thermocouples as commonly used for exhaust gas temperature (EGT) measurement. After the signal from the thermocouples is amplified, it is transmitted via CAN bus to allow integration into an ECU or data logger with minimal wiring.


Prior to CAN-bus technology, outputs from conventional EGT amplifiers required one ECU analogue input for each EGT channel used. On applications with multiple EGT’s, this meant that the limited number of ECU analogue inputs were quickly used up, which often required an ECU upgrade to overcome this issue. However, as this 8-channel EGT amplifier transmits the temperature data via CAN, no analogue inputs are required on the ECU, drastically reducing the amount of wiring involved.


By monitoring EGT, one can get an idea of the combustion chamber temperature.  Excessive exhaust gas temperature indicates excessive combustion chamber temperature, which often leads to engine damage such as melted pistons.


On a petrol engine, EGT sensors are a useful tuning tool when used in conjunction with a wide band oxygen sensor, because unlike a wide band O2 sensor, EGT sensors also show the effects of ignition timing on combustion chamber temperatures. EGT sensors also show the effect of prolonged engine operation at full load and high engine speeds.


On a diesel engine, an EGT sensor is arguably the most important sensor to have when tuning for increased performance. Excessive exhaust gas temperatures are essentially the limit of how far the performance of a turbo diesel can be pushed safely. In short, you shouldn’t try to increase the performance of a diesel engine without knowing exactly what the EGT is.


Because a single EGT sensor fitted after a manifold collector or on the dump pipe directly after the turbo can only provide the EGT averaged across all cylinders of the engine, the ultimate set up in EGT monitoring is one EGT sensor per cylinder mounted close to the head. With one EGT sensor per cylinder, variations in individual cylinder temperatures (a or bank of cylinders) can be detected.


This 8-channel EGT amplifier therefore allows an EGT sensor to be used for each cylinder on engines up to 8 cylinders. This allows the tuner to make changes to fueling and timing on individual cylinders, rather than to all cylinders as a whole.


8 Channel EGT Amplifier Features:

  • 8 input channels
  • Outputs temperature via CAN bus communication
  • Supplied with CAN setup information for Link G4+ / G4X ECU’s
  • Temperature measurement range of 0 to 1000 degrees Celsius
  • Interfaces to K-Type Thermocouples
  • Power supply can range between 9 and 20 VDC
  • Rugged billet aluminium case
  • Compact dimensions (125mm x 57mm x 25mm)


K-Type exhaust gas thermocouples are available separately.


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