Contactless Throttle Position Sensor – Universal (Clockwise, Counter-clockwise)

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Contactless Throttle Position Sensor – Universal (Clockwise, Counter-clockwise)


Contactless Throttle Position Sensor – Universal (Clockwise, Counter-clockwise)


Ideal for arduous motorsport applications, this high quality contactless universal throttle position sensor is suitable for use on throttle bodies with either a clockwise or a counter-clockwise rotation. This contactless throttle position sensor is extremely robust and experiences almost no mechanical wear (typical life cycle >50 million movements). Designed for the harshest working environments, this sensor has excellent resistance to temperature, moisture and vibration.


The TPS will adapt to a “D” shaped throttle shaft and is compatible with Link G4+ / G4X ECU’s as well as most other aftermarket brands.


This sensor does not have an internal spring and relies on the main throttle shaft spring to return it to a ‘home’ position. Therefore, a tight fit between the throttle shaft and the sensor is essential to ensure accuracy and reliability.


Sensor kit includes:


  • 1 x Universal contactless throttle position sensor with approximately 500mm ‘flying lead’ wires (can be shortened)
  • TPS Mounting Spacer (3mm) – Suitable for using as a spacer to prevent binding




  • Drive = 8mm “D” shaft
  • Mounting hole spacing = 32 mm
  • Supply voltage = 5V
  • Closed throttle = 0.25V nominal
  • Open throttle = 4.75V nominal
  • IP rating = IP68 (minimum)
  • Typical life cycle = >50 million movements
  • Electrical cable = Raychem Spec 55, 24 AWG
  • Electrical cable sleeving = Raychem DR25
  • Operating range of rotation = 110 degrees


As an option, this sensor can be supplied with a Deutsch DTM connector wired to suit either clockwise or anti-clockwise rotation and terminated at your chosen length up to 500mm. The unused wires are then tidied and concealed under heat shrink. The mating side of the connector is also supplied as connector housing, terminals and locking wedge. The direction of rotation is defined as:


Rotation, either clockwise (CW) or counter-clockwise (CCW), from closed to open of the throttle shaft viewed looking at the shaft from the end that the TPS bolts to. It is NOT the direction of rotation when looking into the sensor.


Although strain relief for the wiring is incorporated into the sensor housing, we still recommend ensuring that the wiring / loom coming from the sensor is well supported.

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