Wasted Spark Coil Set with Plug to suit 6 Cylinder Ford Falcon AU Series 1

Wasted Spark 6 Cylinder Ignition Coil Assembly

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Genuine Bosch wasted spark ignition coil assembly.


Factory coil assembly on Ford Falcon EF and AU1 4.0L (including XR6) models. Also suitable for other 6 cylinder engines using ‘wasted spark’ ignition.


A commonly used wasted spark coil that is retrofitted to 6 cylinder engines in Australasia is the VN Holden Commodore ‘Chocolate Block’ coil set. These VN coils work well in standard applications, however when they are used in other vehicles, most people tend to use spade terminals to connect the low tension (+ve and -ve) electrical connections. Such installations with spade terminals often prove unreliable. Furthermore, the quality of many of the non-genuine aftermarket VN coil packs is not particularly good. For these reasons, we prefer to use this Bosch 3×2 wasted spark coil assembly – not only is it genuine Bosch quality, but it also has a reliable and simple 4-pin plug on the top side (as apposed to the VN Commodore coil pack, which has individual spade terminals on the bottom side).


We also offer the matching 4-Pin connector as an option.




Pinout – Looking at coil with HT posts at top and 4 pin connector at the bottom the pinout from left to right is:


Coil -ve 1&6
Coil -ve 2&5
Coil -ve 3&4
Common coil +ve


Dwell settings vs battery voltage to charge to a primary current of 6.0A are:

10V 11V 12V 13V 14V 15V
7.1ms 5.7ms 5.0ms 4.2ms 3.9ms 3.5ms

Dwell settings vs battery voltage to charge to a primary current of 7.5A are:

10V 11V 12V 13V 14V 15V
8.9ms 7.0ms 6.2ms 5.3ms 4.9ms 4.4ms
An external 3-channel ignition module (igniter) is required when using this ignition coil. Most ignition modules will handle 6.0A, but some will current limit (and create excessive heat without any more ignition energy) before 7.5A. Unless the ignition module is known to handle 7.5A before current limiting, the lower of the two dwell settings should be used.

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