AIM Remote Button to CAN Interface

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AIM Remote Button to CAN Interface

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AIM Remote Button Interface


This low-cost CAN based module features six digital inputs. Each digital input has a pull-up resistor already fitted internally so that activating each input is as simple as grounding it.  These six inputs can be connected to any type of button as long as pressing the button can provide a ground to the digital input. In addition to the six input wires, a seventh ground wire is also provided and can be shared by all of the buttons.


Upon a falling trigger (when a button is pressed) messages are transmitted over CAN bus to an AIM device such as the MXS Strada Race or MXS Strada Street dashes that we sell.   Currently both types of MXS Strada are pre-configured so that they work immediately with this remote button interface without any setup required, but the functions of the six digital inputs are not configurable.   We are hopeful that in future firmware updates the functions of the six button will become user configurable.  The current functions are:

Digital Inputs 1-4 have the same functions as the four buttons on the side of the dashes.


Digital Input 5 is for dimming the display at night (without the button interface the dash has auto-dimming anyway).


Digital Input 6 is for resetting the first of the four available trip meters/odometers (trip meters can be reset using the four buttons and menus in the dash already).


Connection to an AIM MXS Strada couldn’t be easier as the 5-pin Binder connector on the Remote Button Interface will plug straight into the proprietary CAN bus connector that comes pre-terminated on these dashes.  However, if more than one device needs to be connected to the proprietary CAN bus (for example a GPS module and a remote module interface) then an AIM CAN hub can be used. Alternatively custom wiring can be completed either with or without keeping the Binder connectors.



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