24-14 AWG Open Barrel Crimping Tool

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24-14 AWG Open Barrel Crimping Tool

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24-14 AWG Open Barrel Crimping Tool for Various Sealed Connectors


We have a large range of crimp tools that we use for our in-house wiring work, many of which are significantly more expensive than this one, however this versatile crimping tool is still one we use on a daily basis.


This tool is suitable for crimping open barrel ‘F’ crimp terminals used in ‘push-to-seat’ type sealed connectors that have a separate wire seal for each terminal. This style of connector/terminal is commonly used in OEM engine wiring harnesses by most major Japanese brands (Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Mitsubishi etc.) as well as GM Delphi push-to-seat connectors, many AMP/Tyco connectors and more.


Here are some of the features that we like about it:


  • Parallel jaw mechanism – Unlike many crimping tools where the dies close with a ‘scissor’ action, this tool has a mechanism that allows the top and bottom dies to open and close parallel to each. An even crimping force is therefore applied to both crimp tabs on the terminal, resulting in a more consistent, reliable crimp.
  • 5 crimp positions – There are 3 sizes of wire tab and 2 sizes of seal tab crimp positions which make the crimping tool suitable for many of the medium sized terminals commonly used on automotive engine wiring harnesses.
  • Simple, robust construction


Width of the jaw is 4mm




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