NZEFI 1.2 Bar MAP Sensor with Connector Kit
NZEFI 1.2 Bar MAP Sensor (side)NZEFI 1.2 Bar MAP Sensor (3)NZEFI 1.2 Bar MAP Sensor (shown with pigtail)

1.2 Bar MAP Sensor – High Resolution for NA engines

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Product Description

This MAP sensor reads up to 1.2 Bar absolute pressure and provides very high resolution for naturally aspirated engines. This MAP sensor can also be used in applications where positive intake pressures of up to 0.2 Bar (approx 3 PSI) are expected (produced by a ram-air effect).


Not suitable for supercharged or turbocharged applications.


We recommend this sensor over other options for the following reasons:


  • A compact, high-quality German made transducer is used which is fixed to a custom anodised billet alloy mount. By using quality components such as these reliability is increased.
  • The custom made mount allows for multiple vacuum port options – either a barb hose tail to suit 4mm vacuum hose or a AN-3 male fitting can be supplied with the sensor.
  • The MAP sensor and mount can ideally be mounted so that electrical connector and vacuum port face downwards. This reduces the chance of water getting into the sensor. Note that the sensor should be mounted higher than the intake manifold port that the hose connects to.
  • Design allows for the wiring to be strain relieved by attaching the supplied cable tie around the wiring and the vacuum hose at the hose tail end (as illustrated in the last photo).
  • Aesthetically-pleasing symmetrical design.


The linear calibration for this 1.2 Bar MAP sensor is also supplied.


Note: We always recommend entering metric calibrations (pressure in kPa) into Link ECU’s which is required when transmitting data over CAN bus to external devices (dashes etc.). Even when entering sensor data into the ECU with metric units, data can still be displayed in PCLink either in metric or imperial as desired by the user (using the ‘U’ hot-key in PCLink). Likewise most dashes can be set up to display a range of units even if they are receiving data over CAN in metric units.

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