100 PSI Honeywell Oil Fuel Pressure Sensor with Connector

Honeywell 100 PSI Oil / Fuel Pressure Sensor

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Product Description

This sensor will allow a high-quality aftermarket engine management system to monitor fuel pressure or oil pressure and take immediate action or sound alarms if a fault condition is encountered.


For example, on a Link G4 the smart limits can be setup to by entering the minimum oil pressures for each engine speed range.  If the oil pressure drops below the threshold for the current engine speed, then the ECU can automatically limit the engine speed to any desired rpm (e.g limp home mode). Features such as this save engines time and time again. But in order to perform these features the ECU does need the appropriate oil or fuel pressure sensor.


This sensor uses a 1/8″ NPT thread and a Packard 3-pin connector. The plug housing and terminals are included. Most aftermarket ECUs allow the sensor calibration data to be entered via the tuning software.


The linear calibration for this particular sensor is:


0.5V = 0 kPa (gauge)

4.5V = 689.5 kPa (gauge)


Note: We always recommend entering metric calibrations (pressure in kPa) into Link ECU’s which is required when transmitting data over CAN bus to external devices (dashes etc.). Even when entering sensor data into the ECU with metric units, data can still be displayed in PCLink either in metric or imperial as desired by the user (using the ‘U’ hot-key in PCLink). Likewise most dashes can be set up to display a range of units even if they are receiving data over CAN in metric units.

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