Fuel Injector Flow Testing and Ultrasonic Cleaning

NZEFI offer comprehensive servicing for petrol fuel injectors including flow testing and ultrasonic cleaning. We can also supply and fit new seals, filters and pintle caps for a wide range of port injection petrol fuel injectors.

Why do fuel injectors need to be serviced?


Decreased Performance:
Over time, contaminants in a fuel system begin to block fuel injectors, which decreases their performance. Blocked injectors or injectors with poor spray patterns decrease horsepower and increase misfires and rough running. In many cases, blocked fuel injectors mean that fuel mixtures become too lean, which can cause detonation (pinging), which in turn, can result in serious damage to your engine.

The Unknowns:
Fuel injectors that have not been used for a while can become problematic, especially when the injectors have been removed from a car and have not been stored properly. Likewise, fuel injectors that have an unknown history should also be given the ‘once over’. Are they clogged? Do they have any electrical problems? Do they flow evenly? Injector servicing will insure cleanliness, test for all issues and provide a flow report.

Purpose of fuel injector servicing:

  • To ensure that a set is matched.
  • To remove any contaminants inside or outside the injector that impede fuel flow or degrade fuel spray pattern.
  • To accurately measure an injectors part and full flow rates.
  • To assess an injectors spray pattern.
  • Once flow rates and spray patterns are established, to identify whether an injector is suitable for it’s application in modified engines.
  • Seal replacing ensures that no leaking occurs.

Injector Servicing includes:

  • Coil check – helps identify whether the fuel injectors are in good order electrically.
  • Initial flow testing
  • Leakage test
  • Spray pattern analysis
  • Part flow tests
  • Ultrasonic cleaning
  • Comprehensive flow report
  • Replace o-rings, filters, and seals if needed

If you have injectors that require servicing, please contact us to discuss. 


While pricing can vary depending on injector type, for a top feed injector a typical flow test only is $20 including GST per injector and ultrasonic cleaning followed by a flow test is $40 including GST per injector. 

Side feed injectors are usually $30 including GST per injector for testing and $50 including GST for ultrasonic cleaning followed by a flow test.

NOTE: The fuel injector service that NZEFI offer is only available for multi-point manifold/port injection petrol injectors. Unfortunately, we do not service or supply parts for diesel or direct injection injectors.

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