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Link / Vi-Pec / Race Technology Dash 2 Pro Digital Display

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Product Description

Link / Vi-Pec / Race Technology Dash 2 Pro Digital Dash Display


Link Part # D2P


Based on a Race Technology Dash 2 Pro, this digital dash from Link / Vipec Engine Management is a road legal dash system that is specially configured to communicate with Link G4, Link G4+ Vipec V series and Vipec i series ECU’s* via CAN bus.


*It is also possible to use a Link G3 ECU with a firmware upgrade to G4 firmware and a small hardware change. Note also that Link G4 and Vipec V series ECU’s with a serial number below #10000 also require this small hardware change. Please contact us for further information if you are using an earlier ECU.  All Link G4 or Vipec V series ECU’s after serial #10000 and all G4+ or i series ECUs require no changes.


Given that the Link version of the Dash 2 Pro is fully supported by Link (after sales support, warranty etc.),  and the fact that the ‘CAN receive’ option is enabled as standard, we feel that the Link Dash 2 Pro offers excellent value.



  • Road legal dashboard – has everything required for a WOF / MOT – speedometer, odometer etc
  • With CAN feature as standard, live sensor data can be taken directly from the ECU and displayed on the dash
  • LCD Display with back light – clearly visible in all situations
  • Built-in shiftlights
  • Rainproof (IP64) die-cast aluminium enclosure  – suitable for open top vehicles or motorcycles
  • 4 Analog inputs as standard (can be upgraded to 8) and 1 frequency input, with dedicated RPM input – Connect sensors such as fuel level directly without needing to wire through the ECU.  Note that while it is possible to use this product stand alone without an ECU, we recommend that engine related sensors (pressures, temperatures, vehicle speed etc) are connected to the ECU only and then sent to the dash via CAN bus.
  • Gear position indicator calculated or via gear box sensor.
  • Set different shiftlight brightness for day and night.
  • Monitor your engine with high/low alarms.
  • 5 user defined screens to display the information you want.
  • Can be set up for MPH/miles or KPH/km.
  • Configurable peak RPM feature and RPM scale.
  • Includes CAN plug to plug to your Link G4 or G4+ or Vipec ECU


Optional NZEFI Custom CAN Loom:


Since the Link / Vi-Pec version of the Dash2 Pro comes with CAN communications enabled which gets its live sensor data from your vehicle’s ECU via the CAN bus, much of the input wiring and connectors supplied with the dash becomes redundant. Therefore, NZEFI now offers an optional custom made CAN loom. The end result allows a much simpler, lighter and more compact installation of the dash. We also use a genuine Deutsch connector rather than the original 9-pin serial (DB9) connector, making a more reliable electrical connection. Finally, for the ECU end, we fit the supplied connector to plug into the Link ECU to an extension cable. The overall length can be adjusted to suit your application, but is typically 1-2 metres long depending on where your ECU is mounted relative to the Dash2 Pro.

This optional loom is offered at a special price of NZ$70 incl. GST when combined with a Dash2 Pro purchase. If you already own a Dash 2 Pro, we can also carry out this loom modification for NZ$130 incl. GST.   







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