Nissan VQ35DE Engine Management Package with Link G4+ Storm Black ECU

Link G4+ Storm Black Easy Wire Package – Nissan VQ35DE Engine Specific

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Product Description

NZEFI’s Link G4+ Storm Black Easy Wire Engine Management Package – Nissan VQ35DE (with mechanical throttle conversion) Engine Specific


For applications requiring a wire-in ECU, NZEFI offers engine management packages that are ‘engine specific’ to suit a range of popular engines. By including an ‘easy wire kit’, essential sensors and accessories as well as a pre-loaded start-up map, these are our most comprehensive engine management solution yet.


This G4+ Storm Black Easy Wire Engine Management Package suits twin cam Nissan VQ35DE engines in either naturally aspirated or turbocharged forms. A mechanical (i.e. cable) throttle must be retro-fitted as the factory electronic throttle cannot be controlled by the G4+ Storm Black ECU (but E-throttle control is featured on G4+ Fury, Xtreme and Thunder ECU models).


This package includes the following items:


  • Link G4+ Storm ECU with ‘start-up’ map pre-loaded into ECU (see notes below for further details)
  • NZEFI Storm Easy Wire Kit with 2.5m wiring loom – specifically configured to suit twin cam Nissan VQ35DE engine with supporting documentation
  • 1.2 Bar MAP sensor with connector and mount (2.5 Bar MAP sensor also available for turbo applications)
  • Inlet Air Temperature Sensor with connector and aluminium weld-on boss


Although this package is primarily intended for naturally aspirated engines, a 2.5 Bar MAP sensor, electronic boost control solenoid and boost select switch for turbocharged applications can can be included with this package as an option. Accordingly, the necessary input/output wiring is included with the easy wire kit to accommodate the boost control solenoid and boost switch.


With the easy wiring kit, all redundant wiring has been removed and additional wiring that is required for the application has been added. All of the required wiring is labelled to further simplify installation. To complete the wiring loom, simply wire up the various power and ground wires and terminate the engine connectors at the required lengths for your installation. The essential connectors required for the engine’s sensors, injectors, coils etc. can either be sourced from a suitable ‘donor loom’, or alternatively, new from NZEFI. Please refer to the Nissan Vehicle Specific Connectors section for more details.


The NZEFI Storm Easy Wire Kit supplied with this VQ35 engine management package has wiring for the following ECU inputs and outputs:



  • Temperature – Engine coolant temp, inlet air temp (Optional: oil temperature sensor)
  • Analogue – MAP sensor, throttle position sensor (Optional: oil pressure sensor, fuel pressure sensor, factory narrowband oxygen sensors (LH & RH), wideband oxygen sensor)
  • Digital (DI) – Start signal (Optional: Vehicle speed sensor)
  • Crank and cam position sensors



  • VVT solenoids (2 outputs required – LH and RH inlets)
  • Tachometer
  • Idle speed control (2-wire solenoid)
  • Fuel pump
  • Cooling fan
  • Check engine light
  • Variable intake runner solenoid
  • Electronic boost control solenoid (if turbo induction type option is selected)


CAN bus wiring (CAN High / CAN Low) can also be included with your easy wire kit as an option. CAN bus wiring is most commonly used for connecting a digital display (dash) that supports communication via CAN such as the Link / Race Technology Dash 2 Pro. However, the CAN bus wiring can also be used for other CAN device(s) of your choice.


This input / output allocation has also been configured accordingly as part of the start-up map loaded in the Storm Black ECU.


Start-up map notes:


The G4+ Storm ECU in this package is supplied with a start-up map for no extra charge. NZEFI’s start-up maps are created to assist the installer/tuner with getting the engine running. However, these are NOT to be considered a completed, optimised or safe tune and further tuning WILL be required.


The map was originally developed for a relatively stock naturally aspirated VQ35DE engine with a 70mm mechanical throttle conversion with an integrated 2-wire idle speed control solenoid (these can also be supplied separately if required).


Prior to attempting to start the engine all outputs (auxiliary outputs, injectors and ignition) should be checked to confirm their operation and correct wiring by using the test functions built into the ECU and activated via PCLink.


While as much of the ECU configuration as possible has been completed as part of the start-up map,
prior to attempting to start the engine, all inputs (sensors, triggers, switches etc) should be checked and calibrated. In particular it is most important to check & adjust the ‘Trigger Offset’ using a timing light (see PCLink help for a detailed explanation on this procedure). There is also a calibration procedure for the Manifold Absolute Pressure sensor and the Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) which must be performed.


As the Easy Wire Kit in this package is custom made to order, please allow up to approximately 2 weeks for order fulfillment.

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