Link G4+ Fury Turbocharged Engine Package with 2.5 Bar MAP Sensor + 2.5m Looms A and B

Link G4+ Fury Turbocharged Engine Package

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Product Description

Link G4+ Fury Turbocharged Engine Package


For applications requiring a wire-in ECU, NZEFI saves you money and takes out the guess work with these Link G4+ engine management packages.


This Link G4+ Fury Turbocharged Engine Package includes:


  • Link G4+ Fury ECU with USB tuning cable
  • NZEFI 68-Pin G4+ Easy Mounting Kit with 5 relays and 6-way fuse holder
  • 2.5m Link G4+ Wiring Looms A and B
  • Inlet Air Temperature Sensor with connector and aluminium weld-on boss
  • Boost Control Solenoid with rubber mount and 2x hose tail fittings
  • Boost select switch with safety (missile) cover
  • Choice of one of the three MAP sensor options:

A.)  2.5 Bar MAP Sensor (for turbo engines up to approx 22 PSI of boost)
B.)  3.0 Bar MAP Sensor (for turbo engines up to approx 29 PSI of boost)
C.)  4.0 Bar MAP Sensor (for turbo engines up to approx 43 PSI of boost)


The Link G4+ Fury is a fully featured, 6 cylinder ECU with built-in wide band and E-throttle controller as well as variable camshaft control for up to four camshafts.


With 8 injector drives and 6 ignition drives, the G4+ Fury ECU is perfect for almost any engine with up to 6 cylinders. It can also run engines with up to 12 cylinders using group-fire injection and a distributor or wasted spark ignition. The G4+ Fury has the following inputs and outputs:


  • 8 Injector Drives
  • 6 Ignition Drives
  • 10 Auxiliary Outputs (Fan, Boost control, idle speed control, etc.)
  • 9 User-configurable Analog Inputs (MAP, TPS, wide-band O2, oil pressure, boost adjust knob, etc.)
  • 4 User-configurable Temperature Inputs
  • 2 dedicated trigger inputs
  • 10 User-configurable Digital Inputs (or 8 if using CAN bus 2)
  • 2 knock sensor inputs with knock control fully enabled as standard
  • 2 Independent CAN buses


This G4+ Fury package is particularly suited to 4 and 6 cylinder turbocharged engines running continuously variable camshaft timing and/or a single electronic throttle. Such common applications include Toyota Beams 3S-GE, Honda K-series i-VTEC, Mitsubishi 4B11-T, Nissan VQ35DE, Toyota 1JZ-GTE VVTi, Toyota 2JZ-GTE VVTi, Toyota 1GR-FE VVTi, Toyota 2GR-FE VVTi,  BMW M54, Ford Barra 6 from BA/BF/FG.


This package is also suitable for using with many other 4 and 6 cylinder engines that may not necessarily require variable cam or electronic throttle control, but do require other features that the G4+ Fury offers such as an on-board wide band oxygen sensor controller. Common applications include 4A-GE, 3S-GTE, 4G63, 4693, B16A, B18C, H22A, Mazda B6, Mazda 13B-Turbo, SR20DE+T, SR20DET, EJ20T, EJ25T, RB20DET, RB25DET, RB26DETT, RB30, VG30, VQ30, 1UZ / 2UZ (non-VVTi), Holden Ecotec V6, Ford 4L I6, BMW M50, M52, S50, S52 plus many more.


This package deal provides a saving of more than $240!

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