High Energy CDI Coil with Connector
High Energy CDI Coil with Connector 2High Energy CDI Coil with ConnectorHigh Energy CDI Coil with Connector

High-energy Capacitive Discharge Ignition Coil ( CDI Coil )

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Product Description

Capacitor Discharge Ignition (CDI) is perfectly suited to:


  • Race engines running high boost.
  • Engines running methonal/ethanol or race fuels where a conventional inductive ignition system is no longer strong enough to provide a stable spark.



Converting to CDI requires the purchase of a CDI box (such as an M&W unit). However, to get the best performance out of a CDI box you need to use it with CDI ignition coils.


This CDI coil is designed to be used with a capacitive discharge ignition box such as those made by M&W, MSD, Motec, Autronic, etc.


This coil is perfect for engines using either a distributor or direct coil-per-plug ignitions.


The HEI post-type output has excellent resistance against misfire and is compatible with many brands of HT leads .


Includes a sealed plug for faultless performance in damp or dirty environments.

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Weight 500 g

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