Denso Toyota 1NZ 2NZ Ignition Coil (4AGE upgrade)
Denso Toyota 1NZ 2NZ Ignition Coil

Denso Toyota 1NZ / 2NZ Ignition Coil (Popular 4A-GE Upgrade)

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Product Description

Toyota 1NZ-FE / 2NZ-FE Ignition Coil – Genuine Denso item (OEM supplier to Toyota. Made in Japan)


Ignition coil sold individually. The matching 4-pin connector kit is available as an option.


As well as being a factory replacement coil-on-plug ignition coil for various Toyota models fitted with either a 1NZ-FE or 2NZ-FE engine, these ignition coils are recognised as a popular choice for those wishing to convert a Toyota 4A-GE engine to a multi-coil (coil-on-plug) ignition system.


The Denso coils have a built-in igniter (often referred to as a ‘smart’ coil), meaning a separate igniter module is not required.  Additionally in typical installations using an aftermarket ECU, only 3 of the 4 terminals on the coil will be used – the feedback signal is not required. For this reason, we offer the option of a blanking seal instead of the 4th terminal and normal seal.


Our testing has found that these coils are capable of producing over 30mJ of spark energy at appropriate dwell levels. This is plenty for all naturally aspirated 4A-GE engines as well as moderately modified turbocharged and supercharged applications up to around 500hp.


Although the 1NZ / 2NZ coils are not a ‘direct fit’ for 4A-GE engines, their single bolt mount and overall dimensions do lend themselves quite well for use on both 16V and 20V 4A-GE engines with minimal modifications. Coil adapter plates and distributor blank-off covers are readily available from a number of suppliers.


Further to 4A-GE applications, we have also seen these coils used on other engines including Nissan SR20DE, Mazda B6 / BP and more.



  • Overall length = 147mm
  • Drop tube length = 118mm
  • Drop tube diameter = 24.4mm


Dwell vs battery voltage data is provided with these coils.

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