AIM GPS08 Module
AIM GPS08 GPS Receiver

AIM GPS08 GPS Module

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Product Description

AIM GPS08 GPS Module – CAN bus based


This GPS module connects to dual satellites for redundancy and precision.  Samples are taken ten times per second (10Hz). Absolute positioning accuracy is typically within one meter.   Providing the GPS module is correctly fitted and the vehicle is located outside where it can ‘see’ satellites, it normally only takes a few seconds to lock on to satellites and begin functioning.  If one satellite has interference or is ‘lost’ then the system can still continue to function.


The GPS unit outputs are transmitted over CAN bus and while technically it could be connected to a range of devices, messaging is AIM’s proprietary format and it is designed to be connected to AIM devices such as the MXS Strada Race and MXS Strada Street dashes that we sell.  In addition to allowing lap timing, this GPS module can provide an AIM dash with a speed signal. This can be particularly useful for applications where wheel speeds are not available such as in boats, aircraft or other vehicles where fitting a wheel speed sensor is not practical.


Connection to an AIM MXS Strada couldn’t be easier as the 5-pin Binder connector on the GPS will plug straight into the proprietary CAN bus connector that comes pre-terminated on these dashes.  However, if more than one device needs to be connected to the proprietary CAN bus (for example the GPS and a remote button interface) then an AIM CAN hub can be used. Alternatively custom wiring can be completed either with or without keeping the Binder connectors.   No CAN bus configuration is required as the GPS and AIM dash are pre-configured to communicate with each other.


Dimensions – 64.8 x 53.2 x 19.7 mm

Weight – 60.5 g

Cable Length – 1.3m



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