4 Cylinder Wasted Spark Ignition Coil with Built-in Igniter

Wasted Spark 4 Cylinder Ignition Coil Assembly with Internal Igniter

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Product Description

Wasted Spark 4 Cylinder Ignition Coil Assembly with Internal 2-channel igniter


Suitable for 4 cylinder engines or use 2 on a V8


Includes mounting hardware and 4-pin connector.


This 4 cylinder waster spark ignition coil features a built-in 2-channel igniter. This allows the ECU to trigger these coils directly without the need for a separate external igniter. This saves cost, reduces complexity and increases reliability.


Uses a HEI post-type output for excellent resistance against misfire and compatibility with many brands of HT leads.


Technical Specification:


Approximate dimensions: 11.5cm(l) x 10.5cm(w) x 6cm(h)


Required ECU trigger: 0-5V digital signal. Dwell begins on rising edge, spark occurs on falling edge.


Dwell settings vs battery voltage to charge to a primary current of 7.6A are:

10V 11V 12V 13V 14V 15V
7.3ms 6.0ms 5.1ms 4.5ms 4.0ms 3.6ms



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Weight 1100 g

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