Ford Falcon BA/BF XR6 Turbo and F6

BF F6 Ford Falcon Engine Bay

BF F6 Ford Falcon Engine Bay

The Ford Falcon XR6 Turbo and F6 engines were intentionally tamed down by Ford so that they didn’t embarrass the V8 powered Ford Falcons.  However, these engines are just begging to be unleashed and NZEFI has the skills to make it happen.

NZEFI upgrade packages are intended as a ‘drive-in, drive-out’ service for local customers who can bring their vehicle to our workshop in Christchurch to have the upgrades performed.

For non-local customers or customers wishing to organise their own installation and tuning, we can also supply some of the parts from our packages separately.

Stage 1 340kW at flywheel

  • Hi-flow catalytic converter (or de-cat for race vehicles)
  • K&N air filter and cold air induction kit
  • Bosch 42lb/hr (450cc/min) fuel injectors
  • NGK spark plugs (custom gapped)
  • Heavy duty valve springs (not required on F6 models or the Mark II BF ford falcon engines)
  • SCT X3 Power Flash Tuning Box
  • Custom NZEFI Dyno Tune

Stage 2 360kW at flywheel

Stage 2 uses all the same parts as Stage 1 but adds the following:

  • Plazmaman upgraded intercooler kit
  • Fuel pump upgrade

 Stage 3 400kW at flywheel

Stage 3 uses all the same parts as Stage 2 but adds the following:

  • Con rod upgrade (on some models)
  • Plazmaman intake manifold


To discuss your individual goals and requirements, please contact us.


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