NZEFI Link G4 G4+ Loom A and Loom B 2.5m

Introductory Offer: Higher Spec Looms for Link Wire-in ECUs FREE with ECU purchase

We are proud to release a new range of higher specification wiring looms to suit Link G4 and G4+ ECUs. These looms feature high quality wire that is not only rated to a higher temperature, but also offers greater corrosion resistance than the Link-branded equivalents.

NZEFI wiring looms feature:

  • High temperature cross-linked polyethylene insulation rated to 125°C (standard Link looms have PVC insulation that can withstand much lower temperatures)
  • Individually tinned copper strands for superior corrosion resistance.
  • Genuine Tyco connector housings and terminals


For the month of May 2017, we are including free 2.5m NZEFI wiring looms with all individual Link G4+ wire-in ECU purchases.

Buy a G4+ Atom II ECU or Monsoon ECU and receive a FREE 2.5m ‘A’ loom to suit:

Link G4+ Atom II ECU

Link G4+ Monsoon ECU

Buy a G4+ Storm Black, Xtreme, Fury or Thunder ECU and receive a FREE 2.5m ‘A’ and ‘B’ loom to suit:

Link G4+ Storm Black ECU

Link G4+ Black Xtreme ECU

Link G4+ Fury ECU

Link G4+ Thunder ECU – Offer includes free 2.5m Loom A, Loom B, Pin Kit C and Pin Kit D

Note that this offer does not apply to ECU packages or the Link G4+ Kurofune.

All wires have the base and stripe colours matching the original Link standard with the exception of the screened cables which now logically use black for ground rather than Link’s confusing convention of using white. These screened cables are labelled accordingly to remove any doubt.

To purchase these 2.5m looms individually, please refer to the following product pages:

NZEFI Link G4 / G4+ Wiring Loom A – 2.5 metre

NZEFI Link G4 / G4+ Wiring Loom B – 2.5 metre


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