Dyno Tuning

Looking for optimal performance with the best possible drivabilty, economy and reliability? The engine management and dyno tuning specialists at NZEFI can deliver the results you are looking for.

Aftermarket ECU Dyno Tuning

While we have considerable experience with many different brands of engine management systems, for applications requiring custom dyno tuning using an aftermarket system, we prefer to use one of the following brands:

  • Link G4 and G4+ (older Link G1 systems are no longer supported)
  • ViPEC V-series and I-series
  • MoTeC hundred series and M1-series
  • Haltech Elite series

There are some other good ECUs that we are still happy to work with to achieve  good results. Unfortunately we have a much longer list (not shown) of engine management systems which we prefer not to work with. This is generally because we are not confident that we can deliver the outstanding results that our customer’s expect from us when using these systems. After all,

“Even the best craftsman can’t produce their best work with mediocre tools.”

Factory ECU Retuning

In some cases, NZEFI can create a custom tuned calibration for your factory ECU which is specifically tailored to your vehicle and it’s unique modifications.  Currently we offer factory ECU re-tuning for the following makes and models:

Chargeout Rates

2WD/4WD Dyno Tuning or Dyno Diagnostics – $130.00 + GST per hour

Full custom-mapped Dyno Tunes starting from $600.00

Pre-Tune Notes and Dyno Tuning Checklist

Please refer to our Pre-Tune Notes and Dyno Tuning Checklist page which summarises the common pitfalls and provides dozens of tips to ensure that the dyno tuning of your vehicle goes as smoothly and cost effectively as possible.