Custom Wiring Solutions

The team at NZEFI have the knowledge and skills to create reliable custom wiring solutions for your project. Our wiring service offering includes full custom engine management and dataloging looms.

While we do NOT strive to be the cheapest in town when it comes to offering this service, we do believe that we offer fantastic wiring products at a reasonable price.

Custom-made full-replacement engine management wiring looms from $1500

Time and time again, we have had unfortunate customers come to us to fix the unreliable wiring work performed by someone else who offered to do the job cheaper or faster than us.  Often the only reasonable solution is for us to rip out the whole mess and start again. Our customer ends up with the job done properly, but often has had to pay to have the same job done twice.  You really can’t argue with the old saying,

Do it once, do it right